on being pregnant. again.

by randa on September 19, 2013

so, i’m pregnant.  again.  no, no, no, don’t get me wrong, we are completely excited about it and are very-much looking forward to being a little 4-family.  however, one thing i’ve learned about being pregnant for the second time is that you have a lot less like no time any more to just lay around, rub your belly, daydream about what your little one will be like and annoy your husband about the size {in fruit comparisons, of course} of the fetus you’re carrying.  somehow- between entertaining a 1-year-old {what!?} and cleaning the kitchen floor and that godforsaken highchair tray for the millionth-plus-one time- 18 weeks have gone by and i’m not sure we’ve even gotten a chance to recognize that we are actually having another baby in 5 months.  minus the minor logistical stresses about where we’ll actually fit another human into our 2nd-level, 2-bedroom condo, we’re pretty stoked.

as for this pregnancy, it’s gone…exactly like the last.  to. the. day.  i started not feeling well, that’s how i knew.  i took a test.  i didn’t believe the test.  i took another.  i cried a little.  the husband jumped for joy.  we called our family practitioner.  they did a blood test, confirmed it the next day.  we called our obgyn, ultrasound showed i was 8 weeks.  i guess i’m like clockwork.  who knew?  i stopped feeling sick the day i turned 11 weeks.  just.  like.  last.  time.  it’s pretty impressive, really.  it’s been both a blessing and a curse having this pregnancy be like the last.  it was nice to know my all-day-sickness wasn’t going to last forever.  but i gotta be honest, staring down the barrel of the “i have 4-5 more weeks of this?!” gun did not feel like a blessing at the time.

since then, i’ve just been rockin’ the “no i haven’t been living on a starch-only diet, i swear there’s really a human in there” front pooch, but other than that no complaints.  i hear you show sooner your 2nd go-round.  so far, this babe is sitting pretty far back, just like lil’ p-money did.  i will say, though, i don’t remember p sitting so awkwardly on my bladder as much as this kid is.  maybe that’s the beauty of motherhood; you conveniently forget the not-so-fun stuff.  i hope that comes into play this time too, say, in 20-22 weeks as i attempt to have a vbac- but more on that in future posts.  just pray this kid isn’t breech.  and maybe while you’re at it, for no calf cramps.  thanks.

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lil’ man’s 1st

by randa on September 6, 2013

payson turned 1 last week and this past weekend we threw him a kentucky derby themed party.  he was quite the dapper dude in his saddle shoes, seersucker pants, suspenders, and bowtie.  poor guy sported his classy attire with poise in the 90+ degree heat.  such a trooper.

^^^in true “run for the roses” fashion, red roses adorned the picnic area^^^

^^^friends and family noshed on kentucky big browns and garlic cheddar grits^^^

^^^i made a collage of photos from his first year.  it was not easy to pair down the thousands of photos we’ve taken to fit just one posterboard!^^^

^^^my m.i.l. put together all of the monthly pictures i’ve been taking of payson and strung them together with a derby theme. ^^^

^^^she also made the ah-dorable felt flags and ‘jockey jerseys’ that were hung around the picnic area.  she’s a crafting wiz.^^^

^^^ the “derby pie” we served was really brownie brittle from costco.  with temps in the 90s-100s, i wasn’t about to turn my oven on any more than i needed to.  the brownie brittle was a hit!  food lavels via hmtm .  my m.i.l. also ordered jockey jersey inspired cake pops {or “horse ploppy” as we cheekily labeled them} that were a delish! ^^^

 ^^^more printables we used via hwtm and some derby style. ^^^

^^^our homemade photobooth made for some fun times.  our friends and family enjoyed taking pictures with both kentucky derby accessories as well as silly ones. ^^^

^^^these two are almost too much to take!^^^

^^^the proud parents and their one-year-old^^^

^^^not.  impressed.^^^

that might be the last time i spend the money on a gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free cake- considering the only bite that made it into his mouth was the one i forced in there.  oh, motherhood, how humbling you are.

a huge thank you to my father in law for making the wood frames that contained real grass that decorated each of the tables as well as making homemade stick horses for all of the kids to ride.  and, of course, my crafty, crafty mother in law for all of her help.  and, a shout-out to my good friend rachel for the help with many of the above photos!

it was a good day.  such a blessing to have our loved ones around to celebrate payson’s first year and ring-in his second.  ’twas a good day, indeed.


12 months

by randa on August 30, 2013

my baby is 12 months old today!  i did the math and that means i’ve successfully kept another human alive for one whole stinkin’ year.  this is the most bittersweet i’ve felt about anything in a while.  it’s been such fun and a blessing to get to know this little guy and to watch him grow and learn and turn into a real person.  but, i don’t want him to be big.  he’s got 5 teeth, knows 4 words, and can sign 6+ more and sometimes when i look at him he looks like a 5-year-old, ready to be going off to kindergarten.  it’s just so conflicting; as exciting as it is to see that i’m raising a kind, intelligent, fun little human, part of me wants to always see that gummy smile, a bald head, and hear him “wuv wuv wuv” when a dog barks.

payson, i love you, son.  you’ve given us the best year we could’ve asked for.  thank you for joining our family and somehow making us more complete- something we didn’t even know we needed.  you’re the freaking best!  keep rockin’ this growing thing.  and don’t worry, just like when you look for my hand as you’re starting to wobble-walk, mommy will always be right behind you.

love you, our little ONE YEAR OLD!!


guess what…

by randa on August 22, 2013

and then there were 4.  coming february, 2014 this lil’ threesome will become a 4-family.


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11 months

by randa on August 10, 2013


my child is 11 months old??!!  and he just keeps growing and growing, after I’ve specifically asked him not to.  kids.  they just don’t listen.

this lil’ mama’s boy is working hard at keeping us on our toes, learning lots, getting into lots, and is all personality these days.  he’s practicing his flirty wave at strangers and has become a connoisseur of animal noises.  narry a dog can walk by without being greeted by his lil’ lips forming “wuv wuv wuv” in his deep, baby voice accompanied by a pudgy wave.  if it doesn’t melt you, you don’t have a soul.

he’s also discovered that when he laughs, he gets more attention, so when there is laughter around {literally even within several hundred yards} he laughs, and loves the reactions he gets.

he knows at least 5 sign language signs and his ability to express his understanding has helped our communication.  it’s really unbelievable how much he’s soaking in without us even knowing it.  this mommyhood thing just gets more and more fun!


9 months

by randa on June 3, 2013

someone tell me time isn’t really flying by as quickly as it seems to be.  it can’t be that my lil’ guy is 3/4 of a year!  many-a-mom has said it before me, but every new phase is so much fun!  we are loving seeing his little personality emerge and watching as he becomes much more outgoing and talkative.  it’s really fun to be in the grocery store, looking at produce, to look up at an older lady making googily eyes at your son because he’s flagged her down and engaged her in riveting conversation.  my heart melts.

at 9 months, payson is loving:

  1. pointing.  usually accompanied by a grunt.  especially at ceiling fans.
  2. mommy.  i thought separation anxiety would be a short-lived phase.  it’s not.
  3. rolling everywhere he wants to go
  4. playing catch
  5. talking “bah bah bah” at everything
  6. books.  he still loves that darned cat page.
  7. cats and dogs {our fear that our son would be a full-on cat person-see aforementioned “cat page”- has subsided as his love for all furry animals has made itself clear}.  he does seem to have a bit more love for the felines, still, however.
  8. kids.  grunting and pointing at kids.

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sick days

by randa on May 9, 2013

lil’ man is a lil’ under the weather.  so we’re staying close to home today.  we’ve also discovered that anytime he is congested, his go-to way of getting rid of it is by puking up the mucus.  there’s a something about starting your day with getting projectile vomited on that makes you just want to call the day a wrap and start fresh tomorrow.  day: 1, this mamma: 0.

i’ve been going through the little journal i’ve kept of little quips about payson over these past 8 months and am swimming in nostalgia.  i don’t want to forget any of it.  not even these days, the sick days, where in the midst of the medicine and aspirator and bodily fluids {oh, so much fluid!}, i can look down at my little one in my arms, calmly looking at the world through his glossy eyes.  i kiss his newly-combed head, take in his smell, and all is right.


8 months

by randa on April 30, 2013

my tiny little pacey-butt is 8 months old today. he’s getting so big- a day doesn’t go by without getting a “whoa, big boy!” from an onlooker.  it’s fun to watch his little personality develop more and more every day.  he’s turning into quite the curious, vocal, sound-loving, wanna-be-adult lil’ guy.

lil’ man does NOT like when mommy isn’t around.  well hello, separation anxiety, it’s nice to meet you.  how long do you plan to stay?  as the mom, it’s both endearing and a little nerve-racking {equal parts “aww he loves me and wants to be with me all the time” and “he’s not going to be in college and still breastfeeding, right?”}.  but, with the quick pace that the past 8 months have flown, i remind myself that this too shall pass and i will very soon look back and wish this stage were still here.

at 8 months, he’s loving:

  1. sitting up in the bath
  2. books.  his favorites are finding nemo and the ‘animals’- he loves the baby chicks and the kitten {he apparently hasn’t gotten the memo that we are dog people}
  3. cups
  4. “standing”.  then sitting.  then “standing”.  then sitting.  who knew that his development would be such hard work for mom!?
  5. daddy’s pitch pipe
  6. straws
  7. anything mommy has
  8. pots and kitchen spoons.  the kid could have all the expensive baby toys in the world and he’d rather play with things that aren’t meant to be toys
  9. the sound when he scream-squeals
  10. “talking”.  he says “flarj-jda-jda-jda” a LOT.  I’m pretty sure it translates to “my mom is the best!”  it’s a loose translation.

since i didn’t get around to posting 6 and 7 month round ups, here they are:

at 7 months, p-money loved:

  1. clapping.  showing off that he could clap.  oh, and clapping
  2. cups.  especially the acoustics when singing into cups
  3. “walking”.  aka: gliding while simultaneously killing mommy’s back
  4. when mommy dances and sings to the songs his excersaucer plays
  5. water.  especially playing with the sink spout or the hand-held shower head during bath time
  6. chewing on his pointer finger.  i swear, this kid should have 80 teeth by now
  7. playing “catch”.

at 6 months, lil’ man loved:

  1. making fart sounds with his mouth
  2. when mom would clap his hands for him
  3. when he was tickled under his arms, on his chest, or inner thighs
  4. chewing on his toes
  5. riding forward in the stroller
  6. making friends with the people on our first plane flight to colorado to see grandma and his aunt and uncle
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